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colourofsound-deactivated201403 said: Dude. SICK tone on the guitar on 'Habit' - what was the setup? Guitar/Pedals/Amps/Mics/Preamps etc, I need that creamy distortion in my life! Cheers!

Sorry for taking forever. I used a Gibson Smartwood Les Paul with stock 498s or whatever pickups they put in that guitar, with 11-52 GHS Boomers, running into a Keeley modded Ibanez TS9, then into a Victoria 5112 combo. It was mic’d with a Royer 121 and an AKG 414, both going into Great River MP-500NV pres, API 550A EQs and into an Apogee AD16X converter. Recorded into Logic (8 I think) and so on an so forth. The only effect on the guitars in the box is more EQ, probably the Waves API 560, and the standard Logic Stereo Delay plug in. Nothing groundbreaking. The key is getting the settings between the amp and TS9 just right. There’s a sweet spot with the amp’s only knob between 9 and 10 that really sings with the TS9 gain set around 9:00, tone around 12:00 and level all the way up. I love that shit! Mess with mic placement and you’re doing the damn thing. Thanks for writing.


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